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Isle of Wight Hotels Directory

The Isle of Wight hotels directory aims to be the most comprehensive listing of hotels on the Isle of Wight.

If you are looking for a small, family run establishment, or something much larger, one of the the Isle of Wight hotels will meet your needs and budget.

Located only a few miles away from the south coast of mainland England, the Isle of Wight is one of the UK's most popular holiday destinations. Use our directory to help you pick your ideal hotel for your 2011 holiday.

From sandy beaches, fantastic walking and cycling, historic houses and castles, to more family orientated activities, the IOW has lots to offer. Over the last few years it has also become well known for its two large music festivals, held in June and September. It is only a short ferry hop across the waters of the Solent, and packs in an amazing variety of activities while at the same time wearing something of a genteel, unhurried air. Equally the choice of hotel accommodation is large, and we aim to help you to find those Isle of Wight hotels which offer just what you are looking for, whether that be a secluded rural hideaway or a more lively beach location.

Use the quick search to the right to find an hotel in a specific area, or use the detailed search to more accurately find accommodation which meets your requirements, whether it be an hotel with a swimming pool, a spa, or some other facility.

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This search includes all the hotels in the Isle of Wight hotels directory. The resulting list of hotels may be large. A detailed search will will result in fewer matches, and allows you to more accurately find accommodation which meets your requirements.


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